What is Mechanical Engineering

What if its not industrial technology? All production operations are performed manually with only two hands. All products are produced in a capacity of 10 fingers only. Do you think the industry is as prosperous as it is now? I cant see. Fortunately the industry is greatly helped by the availability of sophisticated machines now designed by machine building graduates in the form of robots and human aids.

For ordinary people robots are synonymous with human robots that can always act like us. Robots are actually devices that can help humans with tasks. Now the types and functions of humanitarian aid are increasingly innovative. Contributions of most mechanical engineering experts. What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering is the engineering science that applies the principles of physics in the production of analytical design and maintenance of mechanical systems. This science requires a deep understanding of key concepts from the fields of dynamics material engineering thermodynamics and energy. Mechanical engineers or professionals typically use this understanding of engineering science to design and analyze the production of vehicles such as engineers (mechanical engineering) aircraft industrial plants equipment and industrial machinery. Mechanical engineering usually consists of:

Mechanical Design and Construction

Manufacturing Process and Production System

Energy convertion

Materials Science / Metallurgy

What is Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering is engineering science regarding the application of physical principles which are then implemented in the analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of machines. Mechanical engineering consists of mechanical design and construction, production systems, energy conversion and metallurgical science.
Mechanical engineering students must deepen their abilities in several branches of mechanical engineering, such as mechanics, kinematics, materials engineering and thermodynamics. So, not only to study machines, but everything man-made that has the ability to move and be moved.
In addition, the Mechanical Engineering department will also study energy conversion such as combustion engines, thermal systems and fluid engines. As well as how to design an efficient machine from engineering drawings, modeling, simulation to making the prototype of the machine.

Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities

Despite being an inefficient major the field of mechanical engineering is very competitive. It aims to produce graduates with a strong technical foundation enabling mechanical engineering graduates to design using and manage machinery -related machines and systems. So if you want to choose a mechanical engineering major you must have a solid foundation in mathematics and physics.

Mechanical engineers are often called engineers using their understanding of engineering science to design and analyze engineering. Manufacture of aircraft equipment and industrial machinery. Educators in the industry are expected to keep abreast of technological developments. As modern as science is so are modern machines. Overall all construction companies that use machines need specialists in the mechanical engineering department.

Automotive companies are shifting from natural resource processing to small -scale multinational companies. However job opportunities in mechanical engineering are not limited to repairing but also designing used machines. The average annual salary of a mechanical engineering graduate is 28909 euro. Many students obtain certification as a Certified Mechanical Engineer or a Certified Professional Engineer. After passing the certification exam the salary of Mechanical Engineering graduates starts from 39000 euro per year.

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

The Mechanical Engineering study program is designed to educate students to develop professional attitudes and skills in the field of mechanical engineering by enabling them to adapt and develop with new scientific and technological developments. Students will learn a lot of math and physics during college. An example of applied physics material to be studied is structural science. Structural science deals with the force required for a machine to finally stop moving. This is the basic science of mechanical engineering because the structure of a machine is the key to how it works.

The Mechanical Engineering study program is one of the widest specialization programs offered by universities worldwide. During college your ability to design machines increases so that you can produce effective and efficient machines. You will not only learn how to draw simulation modeling techniques and prototype machines. This knowledge will be your motivation to compete in the world of work.

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