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10 Most Wanted Engineering Departments

The labor market is now shrinking as the cost of education continues to rise. Those who want to continue their education in this reality should be more selective in choosing a career path. This applies to young people who are just starting or starting school young people who want to go to school to improve their career opportunities.

In general most employers degrees today require degrees that will later prepare students for technical skills in the field. Graduates of liberal arts or liberal arts may face stiff competition or slow opportunities but today many engineering jobs await them. So we have to look at which major companies have the highest paid career opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical engineering formerly known as aeronautical engineering is also a promising direction for engineering students. The field emphasizes research designing and testing of spacecraft and other aircraft. This section is generally divided into two specialties. One deals with aircraft and the other with spaceships. This is an area that will definitely continue to grow in the future as it is an important technology for many industries ranging from the transport industry to the military industry.

Materials Science and Engineering

Although it is a relatively lesser known field than other engineering disciplines it is in fact still an important field of engineering such as chemical physics. Materials science and engineering study materials commonly used in industry such as metals plastics fiber rubber glass and alloys and their benefits.

Material engineers can engage in forensic engineering which often deals with technical reasons associated with product failure. Material engineering has become one of the most sought after professions as it is not necessary to sue companies for such failures.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering uses some of the most widely used devices and technologies in the world. These tools include medical systems heating and cooling equipment transportation systems robots and more. This profession is often involved in the discovery and testing of various tools and devices. Mechanical mechanical systems generally produce heating and heating in various systems and instruments. This field stems from the industrial revolution that emerged 200 years ago and continues to grow today.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is one of the specialties in the field of engineering that works not only with technology but also with the individuals and organizations involved. This field focuses on finding the most efficient for-profit systems that can best be applied to other businesses.

The science of industrial engineering combines many different disciplines including ergonomics safety engineering and many other social sciences. It is a degree that can prepare graduates for a variety of career paths including healthcare finance; other areas where they want to improve their careers.

Software Engineering

The field involves the application of engineering principles in software that is developed in a very short period of time. Software engineers develop and develop software for a variety of purposes.

Petroleum Engineering

The starting salary which is almost six figures in US dollars makes it more attractive. The salary of an average level oil engineer is around $ 163.000 or at least Rp. 2.139.375.000 – which is more than enough for engineers to build a comfortable life well above the average standard of living for most people. This is a great potential job just by investing in 4 years of education.

Given that oil or diesel is a primary need which is a source of energy from vehicles to heating or cooling systems career opportunities in this field are likely to continue to grow. People with a degree in petroleum engineering often work in oil and gas companies.

Chemical Engineering

Another engineering major on this list is another engineering major. Salary ranges for chemical technicians start around $50.000 or about Rs. 65.625.000 – And their wages will continue to rise as they evolve. Those who love chemistry will probably enjoy taking this course which is a practical aspect of chemistry.

The job specifics of chemical technicians range from developing the latest technologies and processes to monitoring safety procedures in companies and governments. His career prospects could continue to rise.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear power is not discussed as often as oil but it is still an area that requires a lot of research and development. Nuclear engineers can conduct research to develop nuclear technology for public and private purposes.

You can also monitor the execution of the plan to ensure safety measures are in place. They can also develop technologies that can be used in the medical field. The salary cap for nuclear engineers is $100000.

Electrical Engineering

This sector is still the most desirable sector and the salary of the industry is up to 5 digits in its initial stage which will continue to increase up to 6 digits as the rank goes up. If converted into rupees it is definitely more than all six numbers. There are many industries and companies in this field where electricity and electronics are required for electronics and various processes.

Some of the skills in the electrical engineering industry include the integration of electromagnetic circuit digital computing and signal processing. Many of them work for companies that develop technology or systems for use in the business world.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a field that combines computer science and electronics. Therefore those who practice this field often have to take the same courses as those offered in the field of electrical or computer engineering or computer science.

However the work of computer engineers is focused on the development of software and hardware from computers. You can also create the latest computer or microprocessor projects. So they often work in companies that make computers and in companies that make their products based on technology.

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