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Department of Aerospace Engineering

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the world of aviation? The answer should be pilot. Pilot is naturally one of the most popular tasks among Indonesian children. Lets ask the little boy. What does he want to be in the future? Most of the answers are from pilot teachers and principals. Thats not wrong but the world of aerospace is actually much bigger than we think.

If pilot and flight attendant jobs are by far the only popular jobs in aviation a job in space may still be an option for you. Aeronautical or aerospace engineering major. Not only pilots graduating in aerospace engineering can also design aircraft. Does income matter? Never ask again. Foreign aviation engineers are paid more than pilots. Because the responsibility of an aeronautical engineer is as great as that of a pilot. Lets learn more about aerospace engineering.

Aerospace Engineering

Once you have decided to start work on your aerospace/aerospace major engines get your mind to the point and develop high transport equipment such as unmanned aerial missile vehicle (UAV) space missile systems. You will learn not only to analyze the flow of air water and plasma around the vehicle.

Aerospace engineering involves the development and research of aircraft and other similar technologies: This section is generally divided into two categories: aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering includes the science of fluid mechanics the mathematics of software design and the science of motion.

Is this course suitable for you?

Not everyone can be important in aerospace engineering. Because this specialty belongs to the category of more difficult prestige specialization. According to experts aeronautical engineering is suitable for hardworking and serious people. Another metric to check your suitability here is that we like you too.

Everything related to the aviation world (maybe youve always been fascinated by aircraft design or have always studied how aviation works), astronomy, computer programming, description design, descriptive personality, creative, complex, leadership, math, creative.

Career in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering graduates may be employed in the field of aeronautical engineers Patent engineering systems engineers Patent structural systems engineers Patent engineering structural engineers. Aerospace engineering graduates can work in aircraft design and manufacturing companies. Other related related areas. Large companies such as Rolls Royce Engines British Airways Airbus BAE Systems Division The Ministry of Defense is constantly on the lookout for aerospace engineering graduates in the UK.

Do you know?

Aerospace engineering was first heard in the late twentieth century. George is the man behind Mock Aviation World. Gail is responsible for the update. Drop and drag modes were the first to be introduced. This method was the starting point for the construction of aircraft.

What will you learn?

The lessons you learn while in the field are the dynamics and design of the aircraft. You will sometimes take mechanical engineering courses but especially for aerospace engineering. You will also learn about aircraft products and production methods.

Other materials that are no less challenging to learn and must be mastered by AE students are physics and mathematics. In designing an airplane, the accuracy of calculations is very important. So it is not surprising that an aeronautical engineering student is 50% a mathematician and 50% an engineer.

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