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How Batteries Enhance The Power Grid

Pankajrathi Engineering

Batteries play an important role in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. One such role is the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) which stores and releases battery energy when needed. The BESS market is growing rapidly around the…

4th Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Lets take a step back in history to revisit the Industrial Revolution in the past as we prepare for the present. The thing about the Industrial Revolution is that you cant even imagine being in the middle your whole society…

What is Industrial Engineering and why should I study it?

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering attracts countless international students each year. Promises excellent engineering and business. Provides key elements in design planning and optimizing production and production processes for undergraduate students. It is the heartbeat for an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering. Well…

What is Mechanical Engineering


What if its not industrial technology? All production operations are performed manually with only two hands. All products are produced in a capacity of 10 fingers only. Do you think the industry is as prosperous as it is now? I…